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In a perpetual quest of finding challenges I am looking for a great web software development team where I could push my skills further, learn new things and share my knowledge.

Users’ best friend

Graphical user interface specialist
Customers’ difficulties solver

Good team player

Dedicated to the tasks at hand
Reliable cooperative actor

Innovative creator

Trial and success promoter
Resourceful problem solver

Techno Curious

Code hungry autodidact
Sceptical library explorator

Who’s Mathieu in a few numbers

Technologies tried

Not letting others dictate which programming languages, frameworks or tools are better, trying them all is the best way to have an opinion. Before finding one to specialize, some exploration was necessary.

  • HTML
  • CGI
  • Less
  • CSS
  • Python
  • RequireJS
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • Google API
  • PHP
  • NodeJS
  • CMSMadeSimple
  • ActionScript 2
  • CakePHP
  • Wordpress
  • ActionScript 3
  • ZendFramework 1
  • VisualBasic
  • Lingo
  • ZendFramework 2
  • Meteor
  • MongoDB

Stack Overflow answers

Helping out others is a great way to learn and to stay on the edge. Stack Overflow has been a great source of knowledge for me and helped me kickstart some technologies explorations. I hope to help others in the same way. Moreover, I have found it to be a great way to find mini challenges and problems to overcome.

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Years of programming

I have started to get interested in programming at the age of 12. I had a very low-end computer, while my friends were battling over WarCraft or Red Alert, I had no other choice than surf the internet. I found my games there, they were simple text-based games but addictive and fun... My 56k internet was a bit too slow and too unreliable to play them correctly, so I've noticed that all the URL's were ending in ".cgi". That's where it all started.

Challenges after challenges, I grew my knowledge starting with HTML and PHP, the need for MySQL came in fast and being a fan of good user experience, JavaScript became a new friend. I studied in Integration techniques to touch sound, video, imaging and animation as I was lacking all that visual expertise.

Trans fat included

Not just because I'm skinny, but because I like to think of myself as an easy going, simple person. Don't bring the trumpets just for me... All is required is ideas, quality and productivity. I learnt coding doing small simple things and I truly believe that it is the best way to grow something big and stable.

Liters of coffee per year

Although it may not be the best habit in the world, coffee seems to be the programmers' prefered fuel. Do not get scared though, I often pay my part and bring my favorite mug.

That reminds me I have to try out some coffeescript some time...

Mathieu's experiences

Developments director

From February 2006

To March 2010 Logo

BrutalMedia is a small company started by three associates who wanted to offer an easy and reliable solution to small and medium clients to have their name on the Web.

The company offers all the services required for a web presence, from design creation to hosting.


  • Assure a steady progress in developments throughout multiple projects at the same time.
  • Meet all web standards and client’s expectations in a very fast moving environment.
  • Provide accurate analysis of required development times for every futur project.
  • Keep codes up to date and provide a custom made Content Management System.
  • Think, build and manage any scripted tool required for customers or business management.

This offered the chance to create...

Complete website programmation using CMSMadeSimple. Custom modules were created to support multiple languages, and preview modifications before applying them to the live website.

Development of a very extensive knowledge base for a videogame. An advanced user management, a live content management and a fully operationnal forum were created from scratch to support very specific needs.


Creation of an artist directory with songs and videos. Full management available contextually on the website for easy administration. Featuring search engine, event calendar and a subscribtion system.

Lead programmer

From June 2009

To February 2011

Diagram Communication offers a wide range of services around providing the best web exposure to its customers.

This small buisiness aims for quality and perfection when helping their customers.


  • Build up entire websites starting from designers' Photoshop layout.
  • Meet all web standards and assure a pixel perfect positioning on all browsers available on the market.
  • Create all managing tools needed by each project to provide a fully autonomous CMS integration.
  • Work on improvements for different CMSMadeSimple modules to speed production and users' ease of use.
  • Provide fully billingual, SEO friendly and manageable websites.

This offered the chance to...

Create Atmosphä

Complete website programmation using CMSMadeSimple. Custom modules were created to support multiple languages, products list and sitemap.
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Develop CMS modules

Numerous modules were created to produce categorized catalogues. Multiple enhancements and adjustments were done to an in-house module creator and other open modules.

Tame Internet Explorer 6

Supporting multiple browsers is a lot easier now than before. Learning how each browser behave and please them all at once was nothing easy and testing was long and hard.

Chief of GUI Developments

Since April 2012

TRF Retail Logo

TRF Retail aims at optimizing the stocks and assortments of big retailers with their SaaS platform.

This international buisiness brings intelligence and knowledge to provide tools unmatched by current BI softwares.


  • Participate in the full stack development while concentrating on Front-End.
  • Develop tools and objects to facilitate back-end developers work and assure design coherence.
  • Share ideas about UI, Gamification and other user oriented features and upgrades leveraging my huge experience.
  • Keep the product's feel and look at a high quality standard.
  • Work in pair with designers to improve old parts while creating new content.

This offers the chance to...

Work as a team

The R&D part being small, every collaborator has their specialization which requires good communication skills. Training and helping also is an every day activity.

Start from scratch

Although many libraries are available out there, they usually do more than what is strictly needed. As optimization is a very big concern, most tools are home made to do exactly the required.

Use a Framework

Zend Framework 1 is the framework chosen for the task. Most of its features remain unused, but its MVC structure was what we needed.

Mathieu's skills and interests

Computers have been the fascination of a lifetime, working with them is a dream come true. Trying something new, finding solutions and problems is an every day hobby.

Favorite missions

GUI planning and implementation
Development of libraries

Keys to success

Always prone to innovation
Respectful of standards

Currently attracted by

NodeJS, Gamification
Bootstrap, HTML5, Phones

Achievement hungry

Takes pride in every project
Finished work has to be perfect

Flawless french and english communication skills.

Software Masteries

Microsoft Office
Adobe CS

Technical Skills


Mathieu's contact

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